Friday, February 02, 2007

A Ghost Story

Dear Wave Maker:

Yesterday my friend.........I can't use "cleaning lady" for a friend. OK, my friend, the "housekeeper," came for her monthly cleanup of the mess I make of my house.

She had gone upstairs while I did my monthly cleaning of my Brita water filter jar. It gets green mold in the bottom since it sits on a stainless steel sink counter and somehow the light refracts with the plastic to enhance mold growth.

ANYWAY, while working away at this jar with sponge, spatula, dish cloth, plenty of water, and rehearsing a song that got stuck in my brain, I happened to notice (out the corner of my eye) that Ann had come up behind me and was getting a paper towel or something off the counter behind me. She didn't say anything as I guess she didn't want to interrupt me, and I didn't want to interrupt her train of thought either.

When she came downstairs some minutes later, I said; "What did you come down for a few minutes ago?" She said; "I didn't come down a few minutes ago. I've been upstairs for 20 minutes."


I knew I saw someone! I remember what she was wearing, and come to think of it, it was not what Ann was wearing. The woman I saw was wearing a rust and white shirt (almost like a light jacket) and dark skirt or slacks. I did not see her face as she was facing the counter behind me, but she had dark hair.

She was taller than my late wife and moved faster than my mother-in-law. (My mother-in-law had died in this house.) So that was a possibility.

Who was this woman???

If any of my taller women friends has had a near-death experience, it could have been one of them, but outside of that, I don't have a clue.

I have had, in my doting years (so much better than saying "older" years), paranormal experiences as those of you who have read my book on ghosts will know. However, all of those had a relationship to a known event or person. For example, the coworker at the engineering firm, the Civil War soldier in Gettysburg, the woman at the church in Newton, etc.

I should also say, and this is a common thing, that I did not feel uncomfortable or threatened at the time. As I said, I thought it was, my housekeeper. It was only afterwards that I realized it was someone else (who had gone beyond or was close to going beyond).

As the kitchen is at the end of the house away from the wood stove it was quite cool and I did not notice any change in the temperature of the air. This often happens when a ghost appears, as I think the can only materialize by taking the heat (energy) from the surrounding air.

I often see one or another of my cats who have passed away, but usually only half of him or her. At my co-author's house one day, her dog who had passed away (the one before Fritz), rubbed against my leg. There was absolutely no other explanation. Her house also has unseen occupants and her stories are in our book.

Last night, before going to sleep, I said prayers for this unknown person. Perhaps she came for help.

Love, The Octogenarian

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