Monday, November 21, 2005

My Own Jaundiced Eye

In a comment posted below, the lovely and gracious Karen expresses her preference for my political views over my humor, and solicits my current thoughts.

How generous, how reckless.

As all twelve of my regular readers have probably noticed, my blogging activity has abated substantially since the summer. There are a few reasons for that, but one of the primary reasons is that I am

I regard this activity here as a blessing -- an opportunity to steal a few precious moments out of my alternately frenetic and drab existence to employ my brain in a manner that brings me amusement, edification, laughter. I get none of those gifts from engaging in the current political discourse. So, while I continue to scan Wizbang, Althouse, Bainbridge and a few others just to see what is being featured, and offering a comment or two here and there, I have no desire to host my own thoughts in expanded form. A sarcastic broadside here or there is really all I can muster -- it's just too painful otherwise.

But because Karen was so gracious in asking me for my thoughts, here ten current thoughts, in no particular order or clarity:

1. I believe that George Bush is a very decent man with a strong character who has not lied to the American people about anything, much less something as grave and horrible as the reasons we went to war in Iraq. I think people who genuinely believe that are deranged and cynical.

2. I believe that too many people in Washington D. C. have begun to forget how insane and committed to our destruction muslim extremists are, and therefore fail to appreciate that we must win the war against them by any means necessary.

3. I believe that the very freedoms that make our Country great are those that pose the greatest threat to our survival in today's world. Freedom of movement, freedom of speech, freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures and the right to a fair trial will be the trojan horses through which extremists and haters of America will continue to succeed in murdering innocent Americans, here and around the world.

4. I believe that the minority party in Congress will say and do anything, without conscience, to defame and destroy their enemies in the majority, solely for the purpose of regaining power.

5. I believe that very few and select members of the majority party have exceeded the appropriate use of their own power, against their own people and their opponents, in pursuit of certain issues on their agenda that are not shared by a majority of Americans -- all to the eventual erosion (or loss) of that majority.

6. I believe that Jack Ambrahamoff's activities in regard to the wholesale bipartisan purchasing of United States Senators for the purpose of interfering in the process of Native American gaming interests is the most pervasive and corrupt practice since the Savings & Loan scandal of the 1980's.

7. I believe that, until every single voter who bothers to go to the polls takes the time to look hard behind the names of the people on the ballot, the American public will continue to get what they deserve in their state and federal legislative representation -- mediocrity, intellectual sloth and duplicity.

8. I believe that public corruption expands and increases in direct proportion to the length of time an officer holder remains in office. Therefore, I believe in term limits, and only wish that they were self-imposed; but I am not a complete idiot, so, see #7.

9. I believe that no person should be allowed to be Mayor of a major metropolitan city (like, say, Boston) for more than two terms.

10. I believe my blood pressure is up ten points from the beginning of this list.

That is all. Thank you for listening. Now back to the cartoons, Inblognito, Feisty and Velociworld.

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